Monday, December 10, 2007

Catch Up LO's

So it's been a while since I posted Layouts, to which this blog was supposed to be dedicated to in the first place LOL :-) here are a couple i've done in the past months, just a bit of this and that . . . enjoy!

Mitch's Scrap Challenge
It was the last leg of SM idol and the friday girls and I set out to try our hand making a LO under a 1 hour time limit. Thanks to Mitch! for preparing the papers for us :-) our theme was "Confess" but apparently I deviated from it heehee Incidentally, although Cabbie wasn't able to join us she apparently timed herself and finished in 30 minutes! Can I just say it, Cabbie! Grrrrrr! :-)

Visual Creations Hambly Challenge
I tried my hand at Mitch's Hambly challenge. I super love Hambly, having discovered the brand 2 years ago in a small crafts store in Guam . . . i'm so glad Mitch carried this line :-) This LO is about my sister's kids, my super cute niece Ocean Lily and my new nephew, Chus Andres! Chalk it up to my sis for unique baby names :-) 

I missed November's Kaya Challenge, for the first time!!! I will return with a vengance :-) For the meantime, this LO is Super Donna's Kaya Challenge to use just the basics . . . no stamps, no oft used scrapbook tools and materials. Just CS, pens, paint, pretty much that's it. I had no idea how dependent I was on rub-ons, bling, stickers, etc. until this challenge. I had alot of fun making it though, it's just one of those mother-daughter days which I always enjoyed . . . even the arguing!

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