Saturday, April 14, 2007

Summer Titles

Inspired by MLA's Summer LO Challenge, I happened upon a couple of sites with Summer Title suggestions:

BY ANDREA STEED, Scrapjazz.Com
Summer's Here
Summer afternoon
Summer Sisters
Firefly Summer
A Summer Place
Dog Days of Summer
Endless Summer
Happy Summer Days
Here Comes Summer
Hot Fun in the Summertime
I know what you did last summer...
Oh, Those Summer Nights
Sizzlin' Summer
Summer at the Shore
The Long, Hot Summer
Heat Wave!
Fun in the Sun
Good Day Sunshine
A Slice of Summer
Hot, Hot, Hot
It’s a sunshiny day!
Let the Sun Shine In
Makin a Big Splash
Lil Swimmer
Splish, Splash
Summertime Blues
Beach Bum
Water Babies
Sail Away
At the Pool
Sprinkler Adventure
By the Shore
Ocean of Love
Havin' a Blast
A Day in the Sun
Lickin' the Heat (popsicle pages anyone?)
Natural Beauty
Sun Dried
Beach Babes
Beach Boys
Some Like it Hot
Cool in the Pool
What are you Wading for?
POOL (take a picture of kids holding 2 innertubes for the O's on POOL)
Friends by the Sea
Down By the Sea
Under the Sea
Shore is Fun
Popsicle Paradise
Water you doin?
Good Clean Fun

AND A COUPLE OF RANDOM Song Lists with summer, relaxing, and sun in mind, a mix of then and now :-) These make greeat Titles or the lyrics can work well with your LO's :-) Enjoy!

Summer of Love - B52's
Those Lazy Hazy Das of Summer - Nat King Cole
Summer Girls - LFO
Summer Breeze - Seals & Crofts
In the Summertime - Shaggy feat. Rayvon
The sunny side of the Street - Frank Sinatra
Sunlight - Kevyn Lettau
Good Morning Starshine - Oliver
All Summer Long - Beach Boys
Sh-Boom - The Crew Cuts
Vacation - Gogo's
Put your records on - Corrine Bailey Ray
Banana Pancakes - Jack Johnson
Summer Wind - Michael Buble
Summer Sunshine - The Corrs
Feels like summer again - Wallflowers
Sunshine after the rain - Natasha Thomas
Hey Look at the sun - Sitti
Sunday driving - Rivermaya
Sunrise - Norah Jones
Sunshine - Jojo
Music of the Son - Rihanna
Perfect Day - Paulo Santos
Perfect Day - Hoku
Sunshine - Gabrielle Rise

I have yet to participate in an EB or crop . . . . I have not attempted to bring my supplies to Tagaytay when we’re away for the weekend. . . so what makes me think that I can try and scrap during my summer vaca in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur?!

Blame it on a couple of magazine articles, one if which was Legacy by Somerset . The homemade mini album held brochures, tickets, even pictures printed at a local printing store and other sorts of ephemera. And it was totally wonderful! It captures those moments that you somehow forget when you get back home.

I will attempt to scrap and crop overseas, how I will do that I will never know. I know what you're thinking, why do I have to give myself a hard time when I can just jot things down in a journal and complete my pages when I get back to Manila? I always liked spur of the moment things and capturing the moment at its freshest, so backpack scrapping was the best solution!

I did my homework, I read through my usual scrap mags and Googled "Travel Scrapbooking" and all the other search words I can think of! Some links I found online, i'm sure you will be able to find more :

To top it off, I have my supplies up and ready a week before my flight. My clothes? Oh, I can pack that a day before. Yes, apparently I have my priorities straight (?).

Opting to bring and “baptize” my Mimi Travel Tote, I figured it would take too much space and I definitely could not bring it with me on board considering I had scissors in there! I can see it now, “Woman held by authorities, claims scissors is for scrapping!” No thanks! And so I found a plastic container lying around, it had a lid and lock with a tray and compartments, that will do just fine.

So here are the contents:

JOURNAL → I chose a journal that wasn’t too big or too small, my fault I threw away the paper it came with. But the size is just right for clippings, coasters and brochures as well as 4x6 pictures. Ofcourse, it’s archival safe, acid and lignin free. But I’m well aware that the brochures and other ephemera are not as “safe”.

CAMERA & PRINTER → any camera will do, it just so happens my daughter and I are photo hobbyists so we don’t mind lugging our Canon EOS 400D and Powershot A710. And my aunt so happens to have an old Canon Selphy 500 (compact photo printer that can print straight from the camera) so that’s just an added plus! But I believe if you don’t have a printer on hand you can always leave a space for pics later on.

PAPER → just to add some texture, I chose my papers based on my destination. Considering we’re going to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, I chose ornamental designs, bright and neutral papers. I really liked the DCWV paper packs with stickers and vellum with pre-printed words. Need I mention my handy dandy Zip lock for catching all those loose papers i'm sure I wil acquire!
Papers --- Basic Grey/K&Co. Scrapbook Designer Papers Motifica and Sublime, Time Coffey/K&Co. Travel/Vacation, DCWV Scrapbook Kit in a Stack Value Pack Travel

STICKERS → for dimension and contrast, it was quite difficult to find the right ones I really had to hold back and just choose the basics.
Stickers --- Marcela by Kay Embroidered Tags, Sticko Travel and Jolee’s Plane Trip

RUB ONS → I always include graphic elements and some additional sentiments in my layouts, so rub-ons would do the trick. I also brough alone my Li’l Davis rub-on tool, which works far more effectively than the popscicle sticks.
Rub-Ons --- Making Memories Remember and Journey, Sticko Bookworms and Fancy Pants

ADHESIVES → Admittedly I’m an adhesives (and sticker) junkie, hence my blog name StickyTins. . . but among all my “sticky” collections my Tombo supplies tops the list. I needed glue that can adhere to pictures, brochures and other thick materials like coasters and labels.
Adhesives --- Tombo Multi and Tombo Mono Adhesives

TOOLS and OTHERS → I have a supply of various shipping tags from Staples in the US of various sizes and they seemed like the perfect journaling tags as well as my handy post-its for notes. And ofcourse my essential pens and pencils.
Tools & Others → shipping tags, post-its, Fiskars trimmer, Art Gum eraser, Aqualip pens, Micron 01, Li’l Davis Rub-on Tool and pencil (no preference on the latter, whatever was the sharpest and easiest to bring; usually either a mechanical pencil or pencils with replaceable pointed lead so I could do without the bulky sharpener)

And so, the adventure begins! I should be back around the first week of May, I hope by then I can claim that I’m “full of BS” haha ☺ . . . a Backpack Scrapper that is . . . and hopefully I have something to show for it!

Monday, April 9, 2007

First Page

I began scrapbooking back in 2000 for the birth of my son, he's six years old now and his baby scrapbook is still stuck at 5 months old!
Back then I had a small 8 x 8 scrapbook, just last year I decided to relive my hobby and purchases some 12 x 12 scrap supplies. This page was my attempt at working with what I had, by this time I had a handful of scrap magazines to get inspiration from. But what I really wanted was a die cut machine, a QuickKutz, Sizzix, anything! When I found these pictures of my son sleeping, i was so happy that it would be a cinch to cut out a Z with my trusty precision Fiskars :-)
Josh ate alot and slept alot, just like any baby. However, if he ever started to doze off while he was being fed, any parent would naturally giving food since he was already asleep. But not Josh, whenever he felt we discontinued food service, he just bawled! And hence, eating and sleeping always went hand in hand.

Car Wash Boy

Summer of 2006 called for some ingenius way to pre occupy a hyperactive 5 year old boy. That said, a dirty car and some soapy water was all that we needed.