Friday, August 24, 2007

Good news, Great news!


Another thursday has passed and another WTF!!??? Peace tayo ScrappinMoms hehe

After the ALL Cardstock challenge for Round 2 (you can see my LO here and Donna's beautiful Pick of the Week LO here) my co-challengers and I finally made it to Round 3 of ScrappinMoms Idol. Everyone did such great work, and it always saddens me not to see three great scrappers in the list.

Personally, I just want to see how far i'm going to make it, it's a challenge I find within myself and not necessarily with the rest of the challengers. There's so much great camaraderie and the best part is, we have each other to complain to with the brain-draining challenges the ScrappinMoms come up with :-)

We have until August 30th to come up with an altered item :-( I have never altered anything out of the ordinary, i've been racking my brain, the internet and my books and have come up with a couple of probable ideas. . . Tampons are a household item anyway right? :-)

Images care of TamponCrafts (yes, there IS such a website), sooo I have a choice of a blowgun, christmas lights and a pan flute. Oh, wait the rules say I have to use 3 more non-scrapbooking item! Oooooh well, guess have to junk the tampon idea. . . back to the old drawing board :-D


As an avid reader and subscriber of Memory Makers, I was so happy to have received an email with a list of the 2008 Memory Makers Masters with none other than our very own IRIS !!!!

Iris's Shabby chic pages, oozing with talent and passion and still remains humble despite all her recognitions . . . she is one scrapping diva! IRIS, you rock! Hece, i have joined your fan club with the affirmation of Ria's blinkie hehe :-) Can't wait to receive my MM issues more than ever now!

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C70 said...

HAHAHA!!! Great ideas! I'm sure you'll bag another POTW nod from next week's judge! :D